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In order to permanently strengthen a political and social environment that encourages full access and enjoyment of the rights of children and adolescents, support is provided to them and their family nuclei, to ensure joint responsibility in the restitution of rights on the part of families, the community and the State. This is reflected in the continuous processes that take place in the town of Usme, Ciudad Bolívar and San Cristóbal in the city of Bogotá and in communes 7 and 8 of the city of Cúcuta. In this way, the psychosocial area has a highly qualified professional team, attended to 751 children and adolescents belonging to the program, from the areas of social work, psychology and pedagogy.


Accompaniment to 188 families, to strengthen self-esteem, responsibility and confidence towards children and adolescents.


Attention to migrant children and adolescents from Venezuela, from the Psychosocial and School accompaniment.

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