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Our experience

The FCU has been working for working children and adolescents for more than 31 years, part of the proposal for young workers is technical training in the Workshop House, workshops in crafts, dressmaking, bakery, systems, computer maintenance, cabinetmaking , and leather goods, without neglecting human training, thereby seeking to enable young people and their families better conditions to face their reality. From the training, the idea of forming the UPP (Productive Projects Unit) has emerged, made up of young people who have been trained in our workshops and have been advised by us in their organization processes.

Our work

We have implemented a proposal for cabinetmaking, handicrafts, leather goods and bakery, whose production line consists of children's games and educational materials, all made of recycled and / or ecological woods and materials of the highest quality and non-toxic paint under full respect for our mother nature and caring for the people who use our products. You have an export-type product in your hands and with your purchase you benefit from our solidarity initiative.

What do we want?

If you are a teacher, father, mother or just want to find a gift for a special person and also, it will serve you for a lifetime. Buy educational material and enjoy it along with what you appreciate. With our work we intend to provide the best benefits not only to the boy or girl but to all those who surround them, seeking that these articles are a pedagogical support that makes effective and alternative learning.

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