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The Semillero has young students from the Claudia María Prada de Niña Ceci School, in the city of Cúcuta.

Starting in September, the Hugo Fernández Communication Seedbed (SECOHUFE) was created, where a group of young students carry out actions to make visible the processes of the Crecando Unidos Foundation and exercises to build historical memory through audiovisual products.


This seedbed bears his name as a tribute to one of the founders of Crecando Unidos, Hugo Fernández, who together with Reinel García began the work of promoting and defending the rights of children and adolescents.


The SECOHUFE, carries out training sessions with 15 young people on topics such as photography, editing, research and communication. From there, the projects on which they would work in the last quarter of the year were defined.


The first project to be carried out as a seedbed is the historical reconstruction of the Claudia María Prada Educational Institution. The young people will carry out an investigation of the foundation and historical tour of the campus in the sector. This project will have its final product in mid-November.


On the other hand, a more ambitious project will be developed; It is about the historical reconstruction of the Niña Ceci neighborhood, managing to link social leaders of the neighborhood who recognize its history and contributed to its founding. This product will be delivered in mid-December.


Young people recognize the importance of knowing the history, both of their sector and their school, in such a way that these two projects have become a research exercise to systematize the struggles and historical processes that led to the construction of these spaces.


Finally, the SECOHUFE will become a space that will strengthen and make visible all the historical and important processes that are carried out in its territory, so that this systematization and reconstruction will be inputs for the context readings from the eyes of these young people.

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